M&V 2.0 and Program Optimization Checklist

Are you considering using advanced M&V (M&V 2.0 or Program Optimization) in your organization? If so, relying on this checklist of features will ensure that you truly get an automated solution that can provide continuous measurement of savings and performance in near real-time.

Whether your goal is to optimize program outcomes, proactively manage contractor performance, streamline QA/QC processes, or enhance, support and/or conduct evaluation activities, using a transparent methodology based on industry best practices will provide accurate and reliable results that are “evaluation-grade” and able to withstand third-party scrutiny and review.

Advanced M&V Data Handling

  • Processes electric, gas or other metered fuel usage data
  • Processes data of any interval, including sub-hourly, hourly, monthly or bi-monthly
  • Processes program and project tracking data and capable of incorporating other data sources as needed (e.g., demographic data, etc.)

Advanced M&V Methodology

  • Utilizes well-documented transparent methodology that follows industry best practices and protocols, specifically the Uniform Methods Project (UMP) Chapter 8: Whole-Building Retrofit with Consumption Data Analysis Evaluation Protocol
  • Accounts and controls for for exogenous changes, and specifically incorporates comparison groups to adhere to national standards and industry best practice
  • Accounts for source of modeling bias and other sources of bias
  • Capable of generating savings estimates in near real time, with evidence to indicate the reliability of said estimates in past applications
  • Methods are flexible and responsive to client and application needs

Advanced M&V Analytics

  • Capable of producing energy and demand savings estimates
  • Capable of produces impacts based on time-of-day, day-of-week, measure-level and program-level.
  • Reporting and Dashboards
  • Generates web-based dashboard of results and insights
  • Dashboard access can be provided securely to necessary stakeholders and access can be restricted and/or tiered based on credentials

Advanced M&V Experience

  • Demonstrated experience conducting providing services for residential and/or small medium business programs for at least three clients

Advanced M&V Validation

  • Demonstrated results that have been validated against existing third-party evaluation results for the same program and/or data set

Advanced M&V Data Security

  • Maintains strict confidentiality of all customer information including, but not limited to, personally identifiable information (PII).
  • Network security architectural components include, at a minimum, firewalls and network intrusion detection/prevention solutions to adequately protect all systems processing or storing confidential information that are accessible from the internet or other public network.
  • Web-based solutions storing or processing confidential information will adhere to security design best practices including, but not limited to, protecting against the Open Web Application Security Project OWASP Top 10 list of security risks.
  • Server, network, and security device logs housing confidential information shall be integrated into a SEIM (Security Event Incident Manager)