Working with EnergySavvy is a little different.

We collaborate with you to achieve program success through our software expertise and strong focus on customer service.

Hear from our customers

It’s really important to have all of the data for all programs, and to see the bottlenecks in one place.

Carla De La Chapa, CPS Energy
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The customer engagement is better. We’re capturing emails. We know who’s taking the audit. Because we know the fuel types and what’s going on in their homes, we’re able to do marketing campaigns.

Lisanne Altmann, PSEG Long Island
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We’re trying to find ways of getting around the barriers that have existed in both residential and commercial retrofits. Where EnergySavvy came in is developing that core infrastructure that we built a lot of our program around.

Joshua Curtis, Community Power Works
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EnergySavvy gave us the ability for the first time to track projects in real-time, optimize our program workflow and run our program more effectively.

Derek Smith, Enhabit
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PSEG Long Island uses EnergySavvy to grow Efficiency Long Island
Community Power Works expands energy efficiency throughout Seattle
Enhabit brings the energy efficiency ecosystem together with EnergySavvy

Just some of our customers

We chose EnergySavvy’s proven solutions to help us engage customers and streamline workflow to improve program performance and reduce cost. We’re working with EnergySavvy to continue to scale our programs and maintain our position among the top performing utilities nationwide.

Nathan Morey, Manager of Product Development, Salt River Project
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We conducted an exhaustive search for online engagement tools and chose EnergySavvy for three main reasons. They’ve created an experience that is easy for AEP Ohio customers to use, a visual design that reflects our modern brand and an approach that enables customers without an engineering degree to complete an online energy assessment quickly.

David Tabata, Consumer Programs & Marketing Manager, AEP Ohio
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The application of EnergySavvy’s Residential Online Assessment has allowed PSE to effectively streamline the capture, validation and analysis of the vast amount of data generated through our HomePrint Assessment program. This has allowed us to present a more compelling prioritized set of recommendations to participating customers, along with the necessary tools to motivate them to implement next level efficiency upgrades.

Malcolm McCulloch, Market Manager, Puget Sound Energy
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EnergySavvy has really exceeded my expectations on customer service and the product itself. We’ve been particularly impressed with how easily customizable the software is to fit the look, feel and business requirements of our program.

Carla De La Chapa, Program Manager, CPS Energy
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We chose EnergySavvy’s Residential Online Assessment because it is a highly effective enrollment tool that also provides a great experience for our customers. It helps us run cost-effective energy efficiency programs.

Jim Phillippo, Program Manager, Minnesota Energy Resources
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Enhabit is a unique program with sophisticated and evolving needs. EnergySavvy has been a great partner for us, continually delivering innovation while supporting our changing requirements. EnergySavvy gave us the ability for the first time to track projects in real-time, optimize our program workflow and run our program more effectively.

Derek Smith, CEO, Enhabit
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EnergySavvy Residential Online Assessment has proven to be a great engagement point for our customers, and has helped drive program results for us while providing an excellent customer experience.

Diane Ferington, Residential Sector Lead, Energy Trust of Oregon
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EnergySavvy has been a fantastic partner for the Community Power Works; they’ve been great collaborators and have worked hard to help us meet some very tight deadlines. In addition, they provide great customer service and are always working creatively to help find answers to our questions.

Andrea Petzel, Community Power Works
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Residential Online Assessment is going to be an important part of our successful management of DTE Energy’s five program residential bundle, providing an easy, intuitive way to connect customers with a next step in saving energy in their home.

Carla Walker-Miller, Walker-Miller Energy Services
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